Rachael Iris 

Mindfulness & Spiritual Coach

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Here at Root 2 Mindfulness, we aim to help people overcome cluttered minds by relieving the stress and pain from what we hold within us.

We want to help open up connections with families and individuals who actually want to change the way they live their lives, to live in a calmer mind.

It’s so easy to become distressed with the amount of information that we have to consume daily, this information is far too much for our brains to handle. This results in a way too much overthinking and worrying about past and future events, that either hasn’t happened yet or most of the time won’t happen anyway.

We’ve created a fun and exciting way to gain your knowledge and access into a deeper understanding of yourselves and your families.

The lessons we have created are carefully cultivated to bring out the creativity and imagination that’s been locked away and lost within the society’s path.

We want you to open up to your new path which you control and which you only have access too. With all the research, evidence and experience to back up this lifestyle of mindful living, once you start you won’t ever look back.

We’re here to unlock your true potential and give you access to complete awareness of yourself, like everything work is needed. At one point in time, you will realise this is important and necessary to be free from judgement and to live in the moment, to detach from all things that don’t matter. It’s your choice to make that time now!

Happening Now

Being Mindful About Your Future

Being Mindful About Your Future

Are you Mindful About Your Future? How do you see your future and would you say you are looking at it mindfully? While mindfulness is all about being fully present and conscious in the current moment, it doesn't mean that we can't simultaneously plan for the future....

How Our Program Will Help Every Member Of Your Family: 

Possessing a collective knowledge of Mindfulness will bring every single member of your family unit closer.

Build stronger relationships

Communicate clearly & effectively

Row and argue less

​Work through problems openly and calmly

Interact with compassion and kindness

Share experiences of freedom and self-discovery

And so much more… 


Mastering Mindfulness at a young age will set up your children for life.


Whether you’re a fractured family in need of some serious help….

A family who simply want to work through their emotions together….

Or a family who want to learn a new skill…

Root2Mindfulness is the perfect excuse to spend quality time with one another in a fun, beneficial way.

"Can we get to the place where there is no place to get to"

Micheal Stone

“When you just sit in silence the wind blows through you, the sun shines in you, and you realise you are not your body; you are everything"

Anita Krizzan

“To let go does not mean to get rid of. To let go means to let be. When we let be with compassion, things come and go on their own"

Jack Kornfield

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