We know that gratitude practice is beneficial within our lives, but how do you engage kids and teens in gratitude practice? Here’s one fun way to do just that – A Mindfulness Gratitude Challenge For Kids and Teens.

Gratitude Photo Challenge For Kids & Teens

Most often, we find that teenagers and their little brothers or sisters are no doubt using their phones at any given moment – or there close at hand! We’ve found a way of including their phones in a grateful way.

Why not bring this fun and exciting exercise to the drawing board, that will develop your children to pay more attention, to the places and things they are grateful for.

Many studies suggest that practising gratitude comes with fantastic benefits, such as increasing the child’s happiness, social intelligence and less stress. Definition of Gratitude

Best of all, gratitude is both fun and easy to practice; we all can practice it anywhere and everywhere.

Gratitude Photo Challenge For Kids & Teens
Mindfulness Gratitude Photo Challenge For Kids & Teens

With this fun mindfulness activity, children, teens and parents can –

  • Learn to appreciate the big and little things in life.
  • Unlock ways to express gratitude daily and inspire others to do the same.

We understand when we feel positive and happy about ourselves and the things around us. We are more likely to change our moods to a more positive state, which in time will rub off to others around us.

The Gratitude Photo Challenge Exercise gives a 21st-century spin to a simple gratitude practice.

Exercise: Mindfulness Activity for Teens and Kids – Gratitude Photo Challenge

Purpose Keywords: Gratitude, Connection, Positivity, Focus, Calm and interaction with nature.

Age Group: Best for ages: 6+, that includes mum and dad too!! & groups or just one-on-one

What you need: A camera or Smartphone

Above all, anyone can take part in this challenge if they can take pictures then they’re in! Last week I saw a 3-year-old taking a picture of flowers in the street so at the end of the day there isn’t an age limit!

So if they can hold a camera or a smartphone, enrol them into this challenge. The exercise consists of spending roughly a week taking pictures of things they are grateful for — no need to have the best camera or phone in the world.

Begin by clarifying what gratitude is and make a list of things you both are grateful for, to help your child/teen have a better understanding of gratitude and gratefulness.
Then evaluate the list for some likely themes or ideas to explore throughout the week—Maybe choose one idea/theme a day.

Here is an example of what your week could look like

Sunday: Food
Monday: Bright Colours
Tuesday: Nature
Wednesday: Hobbies
Thursday: Sounds
Friday: Water/Sea/Beach
Saturday: Gadgets/Toys/Happy Places

In addition, It’s fun to get the whole family involved. While having dinner talk about what you found and why you wanted to take the picture. However, remember no phones at the dinner table. Then once you’ve all eaten, you can sit around and go through what you were grateful for today and talking about how that moment felt.

After the week has gone by, all get-together and share your photos and thoughts through the week. Focus on how and why taking these photos affected your day; remember always to be honest with your response. There is no right or wrong way to complete or talk about this exercise. One rule, be sure to talk about them in detail.

Mindfulness Gratitude Photo Challenge For Kids & Teens

After all, the majority of children would say YES to this challenge.

For instance, taking these pictures and becoming aware of the objects or things we are grateful for the whole week, has made us feel much happier in ourselves. Therefore I know it can do the same for you and your children.

Finally, we can’t just leave your amazing pictures on your camera or phone. Spend some time and create a gratitude album or a fun board for your child so they can see them often.

And last but least, allow your friends or family to join in the fun too. In addition, create a collage and upload them to Facebook or Instagram and challenge your friends to do the same. Above all share the love of gratitude, those who you love.

In conclusion, If this exercise was fun, why not bring it back every few months to fill your gratitude album up with fabulous, thoughtful things and moments in your life.

I hope you all will enjoy this exercise.
May You Be Well,
and Be Happy

Much Love From
Root 2 Mindfulness

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Mindfulness Gratitude Photo Challenge For Kids & Teens
Mindfulness Gratitude Photo Challenge For Kids & Teens

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