Most of the time we forget to be grateful for the small things in life. It isn’t always easy to notice them either, yet, practising gratitude can provide a little resting place for hope to prosper in our busy lives.

Us human beings bring more awareness in noticing the things which are not working to the things which are. Such as car traffic jam, arguments with your parent or child, choosing which take out to order!

So you probably are thinking right now about these experiences, aren’t you? 

By reading this blog, you’ll be able to change from noticing what’s not working to what is working in your everyday life. 

On the other hand, this fun short animation created School of Life suggests it’s most often the small moments in life (e.g. the traffic was clear for my journey to work today) that bring us the most joy and uplifts our well-being. Crazy Right.

Feeling grateful for the small things in life

The video gives some examples like this: “We’re in pretty good health with all things considered”

Be grateful for what’s going right, in the present moment

We all fall to becoming a victim of wants and insecurities, that’s just human nature. It’s what happens when you see others with what you want, which you don’t have right this second. Unfortunately leads to comparison unless you can control your thoughts.
Note to self, no need to stress about the materialistic things in life, be grateful for what you have. As there is someone who wants what you have. Be thankful that you are living today because some are not.

“We tend to focus most of our day, taking note of what’s not going right in our life, and missing all the things which are going right. Remember that”

– Jon Evans

“By allowing yourself to take a moment to pause, reset and resume you can give yourself the chance to notice, recognise, them thoughts, feelings and sensations and feel grateful for your existence, and for the things in your life which have gone in your favour.”

Being Grateful for the small things in life - friends being grateful for the food
Be grateful for those who are around you

Be Grateful as the years go by

Within this video, it states that gratitude is an emotion that thrives as you age.

Yet, as time moves on, almost everyone faces difficulties — careers failures, relationships fade, and even your strongest beliefs are crumbling. If we are surrounded by times of failure and uncertainty. We begin to have a higher recognition of life’s small accomplishments.

“Gratitude is an emotion that thrives as you age.”

The video describes the experience of gratitude as a small resting place for hope in our busy lives.
“house is looking beautiful at the moment” & “We appreciate the slice of toast, the friendly encounter, the long hot bath, the spring morning and probably keep in mind and how much worst it could, and probably will one day, be.”

Above all turn up the sound or plug your headphones in and enjoy the video!

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The Root2Mindfulness Program embraces this practice and is designed to ensure that both you and all members of your family grasp the concept of mindfulness and gratitude. Furthermore, begin to take the steps that would lead you to mindful living. 

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