How do Tibetan Monks Raise their Children with just using these 4 Simple Stages? Let’s find out: They say that raising a child/children is one of the most important responsibilities a person can have. For instance, Like you, most know there are hundreds of books out there with different answers. However, this can become very struggling as each author seems to have their take on how to raise a child.   

Maybe it might not be a bad idea to listen to the Tibetan monks on how they raise their children. And see what they do.

Within this BRIGHT SIDE video, it will explain that they follow a straightforward 4 stage approach, to raise their children to be responsible, self-sufficient and respectful individuals. Feel free to watch the video below or continue reading to find out the four simple approaches. 

How Tibetan Monks Raise their Children with these 4 Stages

The first stage: before the age of 5

From birth to 5 years old, children will become more curious about everything thing in life. From what’s around them too, what’s over there and the big WHY. If you think the reason for this is that they haven’t had any experiences to learn from.

So if they try or do something wrong or dangerous. Parents “should look and act scared and try to shift their attention to something else”. 

Remember all kids want is your time, and once that time has gone, they can never get it back. Let them explore life on their terms, think again from when you were a child, how would you have liked to explore the world. 

The second stage: from 5 to 10 years old

Once the first stage is coming to an end around their 5th birthday, they are ready to begin enjoying the second stage of growing up in the way of a Tibetan monk. Until your child’s 10th birthday, you should try to treat them as a “slave” (not literally) the video explains this well, but I’ll give you a short explanation. If you keep in mind that you can’t just nourish their privileged “royal” side and never tap into their “servant” side. 

This stage is essential because it evens everything out.

Parents must always remember that It’s essential to build a friendship with your children during the third stages of growing up, from 10 to 15. 

Parents must always remember that It’s essential to build a friendship with your children

The third stage: from 10 to 15 years old

From 10 to 15 years old children start to build their own opinions and beliefs. On the other hand, may sometimes reflect differently with yours as parents. However, you must always be willing to listen with a non-judgemental approach because that will only drive them away. 

The fourth stage: from age 15 and older

For instance, when your child reaches there 15th birthday, they will be starting the process of the fourth stage of growing up and the final step. It’s now the stage to start respecting them as an individual. You child will hopefully now be able to live their life as an independent, self-sufficient, and respectful teenager. 

Time to turn up the sound or plug your headphones in and enjoy the video!

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