Today’s Blog is dedicated to Kindness week, I’m going to be giving you an understanding of the difference between Kindness & Offensiveness in the modern world. Let’s begin, What does Kindness mean to you?

We live in systems of domination, of exploiting explicit behaviour. There’s only fear in the news only negativity and disloyalty, no hope, no freedom, no love. Imagine if the news was spreading kindness and compassion.

What do you hear from the news!

Using examples of the news, media and government. We can see and analyse the different ways we feel, the emotions we express and the external forces that are at play.

Not only do people think they’re famous if they get on the news, but attention seekers and people who need that focus on themselves will also do anything to get onto the news. Not only that but don’t you think if a person is going to commit acts of violence and terrorism. Then they would more likely do so if they will be noticed as the whole crime would be on the news immediately, putting people in fear? Isn’t that what people do it to scare us, to make us in constant fear? And we elaborate that in any way we can by misusing that?

So, if the reports are spreading their story, intention, violent actions on the news for everyone to see and hear. Then maybe that’s why we live in such fear? As were scared to do anything, to move from our comfort zone, our safe space called home. The media/ government bigs up your home and gives you all you need to survive… but at what cost? A negative cycle of moods, lousy behaviour, growing pain, angst, you feels trapped and depressed, lonely and sad. There are external reasons for your sadness as well as inner sadness; we cover all we can find.

Are you in charge of your own thoughts?

If it’s a terrorist threat, a murder case, a protesting march, whatever it is, it’s all looked on from the viewpoint of how the media want you to see it. If the media cared about us, then why would they show it? Why fill your day with bad news? On TV before work, on the radio on the way to work and also in work all day.
You’re keeping up with the latest negativity news but wheres your positive story, your influence to a better life?
Wheres kindness?
Do you find that in the news today?

If we treat others with kindness, and lovingly help them, be there for them, listen to them and be in the present moment with them, then you’re on a winner. Your right, selfless actions through genuinity will create a positive, optimism inside you which will continuously grow into fulfilment and repeated senses of happiness. Only until we can give instead of take, be nice instead of mean, be loyal instead of cheat, be 100 per cent there for a human instead of only 50 per cent, we can then thrive. The society based on love and kindness can only be beneficial for ourselves our community, our relationships, our nation and our world.

How do you feel when someone is unkind to you?
How do you feel when someone is kind to you?

Kindness Or Offensiveness What’s It’s Going To Be

Defusing tension will build a stronger connection

If someone is rude to you, say did you have a hard day? And don’t start a war with who can be ruder or mean to one another for no reason whatsoever. Defusing tension like this will create space inside you for a stronger connection to self. And also maybe with the other person.

Angry people are living in a drama in their mind. Peoples hostility is a malfunction in their mind and body being expressed onto others and themselves.

Instead of leaving nasty comments, message the person or talk to the person directly. And tell them what you don’t like or want to add or change about something. As nasty comments and unliking programs aren’t the kindness or valuable way to go. Let’s turn to anger and offensive words, into constructive criticism.

How does the news make you feel? Comment below remember we all have a voice.

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Sending lots of love and light to you all.

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