Are you Mindful About Your Future?

How do you see your future and would you say you are looking at it mindfully?

While mindfulness is all about being fully present and conscious in the current moment, it doesn’t mean that we can’t simultaneously plan for the future.

We can actually be wholly and consciously present in our future planning. In fact, thinking about and planning for our future can only detract from being mindful when the thoughts become controlling, distracting, or overwhelming.

Does your future look overwhelming?

You see, practising mindfulness has little to do with what we do and more to do with how we view, approach, and interact with whatever we are doing. It can actually help us improve our future planning because we are fully present when we do it. We are able to absorb all factors of the equation and see their roles clearly because we are not distracted by critical or judgmental thoughts.

Have the ability to absorb all factors of the equation and see their roles clearly without judgement.

Embrace the negative thought, don’t run away from it.

Don’t suppress negative thoughts during future planning. Instead, allow them to happen and observe them objectively, without judgment. Try to establish if these thoughts stem from things like fear of failure or an inner critic issue. Or, perhaps, it has arisen from your intuition? However, avoid fixation on these thoughts and feelings.

Does your future welcome creativity or keep it in its box?

Being Mindful About Your Future

Mindfulness has been linked to increased creativity. So, it’s possible that new and innovative ideas could be generated by remaining mindful while you actively work on planning for your future. This is why it is so important to not allow yourself to be taken over by whatever thoughts or feelings you experience. It clogs the channel for creativity.

This practice has also been linked to increased productivity. Although you may be only focusing on planning for your future right now, incorporating mindfulness as you do it will ultimately help you achieve your goals. You’ll be able to focus better and work more effectively on whatever steps you’ve outlined in your plan.

To be truly mindful in this way, you mustn’t spend all of your time planning for your future. There should be a balance between planning, taking action, and executing your daily mindfulness exercises. If you find it too overwhelming to try to be mindful about your future, try practising it first in other areas of your life where it may be a bit easier. For example, try to incorporate mindfulness in your physical exercise routines. From there, it will be easier for you to implement it during future planning.

Mindfulness doesn’t happen overnight, however, if you practice, you’ll see great results very soon. 

Mindfulness may be slightly challenging at first, but should not involve struggle. Many people benefit from daily exercises that are fun and invigorating. Kids love them too!

That’s why we developed our Root2Mindfulness programs. Which involves interactive activities, tasks, and practices that are enjoyable for people of all ages. Working on them together with all of your family members makes it even better, as you’re able to watch each other grow, learn, and improve on your journeys to mindfulness!

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