Let’s Create An Abundant Life, Stress-Free & Whole!


A sunny, beach-filled childhood in Sydney, Australia led to a playful view of life. However once in high school, the education-to-employment system to Gareth seemed like a trap that was going to take away his freedom and ability to enjoy and explore life.


So after school, Gareth chased skiing and travel for ten years which truly gave him an appreciation of the day to day joy, wonder and possibilities available to all of us. The magic of the places he travelled awakened a spiritual connection to the planet which has become the foundation of his life.


life directed Gareth back to Sydney to try and “fit in” he studied nursing, trying to find a career that was aligned with an aspect of his spirituality, which was healing. But trying to fit in the box of a career that didn’t really hold passion and was exhausting eventually made him sick.


At the same time, however, Gareth had one of his most profound spiritual experiences, a vision he received of moving to North Scotland to work with land energies (ley lines, stone circles and sacred sites) in order to reawaken these powerful energetic centres and share the knowledge contained within them.


Knowing nursing couldn’t take him there, because it was making him sick (it ended up giving him chronic fatigue which lasted two years), He needed another option. The Universe presented the pathway of online business to him and he’s never looked back!


Spirituality is the foundation of his life and he has found a way to align his business with this greater purpose and he’s extremely passionate about helping others to bring similar freedom and alignment in their lives.


Having spent much of her time travelling to the most remote areas of the world, Rachael discovered the vital lessons that were missing within western society, and the education system. 


She saw how toxically people, including parents and children, interacted with each other, and the chaotic effect it was having on all their lives. She always felt she saw life differently to others around her and couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was. 


Rachael knew, there had to be a better way to live. 


She’d studied Mindfulness, alongside Philosophy, Psychology, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Mental Health, and Science of the Mind at University. Although the studies she’d chosen were important to her, she craved for adventure, magic and excitement to be in her life, so she knew that’s what she wanted to bring back into peoples lives, only this time, with eyes wide open.

Having lost a special person in her life, she became Ill, sad, lost and confused, not knowing which way to turn. Through her travels, she met people who gave her a larger and significantly awakening perspective on life, death and living!! Shes gained incredible, dreadful, terrifying and mystical experiences that have fulfilled her determination into creating a powerful process of self-exploration. To join her on this journey will bring her the greatest pleasure to help guide others in Self – love, compassion, kindness and Self Acceptance.

Her Acting skills bring her practices to a whole new level creating imagination, freedom and a judgement-free atmosphere. She became fascinated with people, their behaviours and the mind. Only to her impulse and intuition, she discovered a world so much more valuable and beautiful, realising her passion was to invite as many people as possible to join her in this epic quest of self-discovery.


With her academic and worldly knowledge, she knew she could find a way to take away all the unnecessary pressures of life…


And it ALL had to start with helping Parents and their kids FIRST.  


What We Do

Our Skills, Passion and Determination are brought together to bring inner transformation into peoples lives. We do this by delivering a set of courses specially modified to readjust thoughts, feelings and sensations within our minds. We want to help people bring freedom from an unconscious mind to the consciousness and discover complete awareness of self. 

Through fundamental to advanced practices in Mindfulness and Spirituality, we create a pathway to open up minds in a way that before never seemed possible. We can cultivate inner peace, freedom, space and vitality of oneness within the self. We begin to branch out of past pain, or future worries and be solely connected to the present moment with yourself and each moment with your family. 

Root 2 Mindfulness is designed to bring connection, fun, excitement into families lives. These courses offer a solid foundation of understanding each other, building an unbreakable bond and inviting openness into your family circle.

As well as this we go much deeper into spirituality through our ‘A Path To Magic’ courses. Through these in-depth, intensive courses you will be immersed within a continued sense of higher self, and with complete awareness, you will naturally start to open the doors to a whole new you and a whole new world. This path is for a complete change of lifestyle, patterns, routines and will shape a full understanding of the magic that life has to offer.

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