5 Books To Help Beginners Learn Mindfulness

Every once in awhile, we across books that we believe would be perfect to help beginners learn Mindfulness. So what I’ve done here is given you a small summary on the books I think would help get you started on your Mindful journey. Whilst giving you a section to pick up first – My first […]

How Tibetan Monks Raise their Children with these 4 Stages

How do Tibetan Monks Raise their Children with just using these 4 Simple Stages? Let’s find out: They say that raising a child/children is one of the most important responsibilities a person can have. For instance, Like you, most know there are hundreds of books out there with different answers. However, this can become very […]

Being Grateful For The Small Things In Life

Most of the time we forget to be grateful for the small things in life. It isn’t always easy to notice them either, yet, practising gratitude can provide a little resting place for hope to prosper in our busy lives. Us human beings bring more awareness in noticing the things which are not working to […]

How long does it take for some household rubbish to break down in the ocean?

Below you will see we have attached an Infographic picture which is showing a list of 5 products which we consume or use in everyday life either at home or out and about. Explaining How long it takes for rubbish to break down in the ocean. (We know not everyone smokes, you can’t say you […]

Mindfulness Gratitude Photo Challenge For Kids & Teens

We know that gratitude practice is beneficial within our lives, but how do you engage kids and teens in gratitude practice? Here’s one fun way to do just that – A Mindfulness Gratitude Challenge For Kids and Teens. Gratitude Photo Challenge For Kids & Teens Most often, we find that teenagers and their little brothers […]

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