How Farming Effects Climate Change

Why Eat Less Meat!!

1. The livestock industry is a major driver of global climate change.

2.    Animal waste from factory farms has been known to leak into local water supplies, spreading harmful bacteria to those who live nearby.

3.    Animal products have a significantly higher water footprint than their plant-based equivalents.

4.    The demand for livestock is one of the major causes of deforestation, particularly of the Amazon rainforest.

5.    While the majority of these reasons apply only to livestock raised on land, the seafood industry has many of its own environmental consequences.

6.    Combining all of these factors, diets that are heavy in animal products cause significantly more harm to the environment than more plant-based diets.

How To Save Our Water 


Forests do such incredible things for us, and some we may take for granted or just not understand the impact the forests have on the earth, and how without all the forests communications with the earth we wouldn’t be here. 

Here are a few things they do:

 – Clean Air and Water

– Help prevent soil erosion

– Protects against Natural Disasters 

– Provides Building Materials 

– Provides foods for all life 

– Provides Medicines 

– Creates a habitat for Wildlife

Stand For Trees helps to change the economic incentives that lead to a vicious cycle of deforestation and degradation.




Biodiversity & Ecosystems:

Forests are some of the most diverse ecosystems on earth. All the Wildlife including the insects and worms depends on the rest of the ecosystem. This Wildlife makes the soils richer, the trees provide shade, food, and territory. 

Its so important we protect the entire forests – like those in Stand For Trees projects, because of the more biodiversity, the stronger it is. 




The earth has already warmed 1.8 Degrees Fahrenheit since the 19th century.

If the earth warms a half a degree more, it may mean the difference between a world with coral reefs, or a world without.



Livelihoods & Poverty:

Forests in the developing world are critical to the lives of the communities that call them home.

Special certifications have been earned by All Stand For Trees projects for strengthening the communities and supporting them with community development, poverty decrease, and sustainable livelihoods – giving communities a sustainable alternative to clearing their forests.



Corporate agricultural practices contribute to climate change, which ironically is threatening our entire food system. Fortunately, many family farmers across Vermont and America are transforming their agricultural practices to sequester carbon, become more resilient, and help solve the global warming crisis.

Very Sad True Story About Animals, But The Truth Needs To Be Faced.


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