How Climate Change Affects Wildlife

We received most of our information from Stand For Trees.Org, in which we have referenced the link below. Stand For Trees is a community of people who are taking action to protect forests and combat climate change. That keeps you informed on the up to date facts and news on the forests around the world.

Developing ways to contend against deforestation and show us the effects, it’s having on the globe. It also shows us the vast impact deforestation is having on climate change, and how all aspects of destroying nature is coming right back to haunt us. We have the option to help people like ‘Stand For Trees’ and spread the information about these facts stated below. It’s up to us, every individual to do their part in their lives and help stop climate change, not only for us but for our children.


Why are thousands of species facing extinction?

Facts Of 2019
Thousands of species could go extinct over the next decade according to a 2019 UN report.


Forests do such incredible things for us, and some we may take for granted or just not understand the impact the forests have on the earth, and how without all the forests communications with the earth we wouldn’t be here. 

Here are a few things they do:

 – Clean Air and Water

– Help prevent soil erosion

– Protects against Natural Disasters 

– Provides Building Materials 

– Provides foods for all life 

– Provides Medicines 

– Creates a habitat for Wildlife

Stand For Trees helps to change the economic incentives that lead to a vicious cycle of deforestation and degradation.




Biodiversity & Ecosystems:

Forests are some of the most diverse ecosystems on earth. All the Wildlife including the insects and worms depends on the rest of the ecosystem. This Wildlife makes the soils richer, the trees provide shade, food, and territory. 

Its so important we protect the entire forests – like those in Stand For Trees projects, because of the more biodiversity, the stronger it is. 




The earth has already warmed 1.8 Degrees Fahrenheit since the 19th century.

If the earth warms a half a degree more, it may mean the difference between a world with coral reefs, or a world without.



Livelihoods & Poverty:

Forests in the developing world are critical to the lives of the communities that call them home.

Special certifications have been earned by All Stand For Trees projects for strengthening the communities and supporting them with community development, poverty decrease, and sustainable livelihoods – giving communities a sustainable alternative to clearing their forests.



Listen to these kids as they share their understanding of global warming and their views on how it affects wildlife and humans. Let’s protect this planet we call home together at

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