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Family Mindfulness Program

Root 2 Mindfulness is an online (and offline) transformational home for Mindfulness Mastery. This program is suitable for all ages!

Founded by Rachael Iris Skerritt, my approach has always been to inspire others by changing their mindset through Mindfulness :

Themselves to create and grow their conscious- sparked life. Mindfulness helps them acknowledge, accept, process and put a stop to emotions that manifest negativity, or self-hurt. 

Great ideas that will change the world because they’ve developed an understanding of their mind and body.

People about how to become Attentive on their actions to themselves and others.  

How Can Root 2 Mindfulness Help?

Our Root 2 Mindfulness Family Programme consists of 21 Lessons delivered by email every week for 21 Weeks, taking your family through the essential Mindfulness Techniques and Approaches for all aspects of life.

That way, you can always stay on top of the unwanted thoughts that cloud your mind. 21 Weeks of Mindfulness will incubate you deeply into yourself and the present moment, it will become habit and it will change your life!

Deciding to change your life for the better will help those who you surround yourself with feel your positivity and light. The aim at Root 2 Mindfulness is for you to spread love and compassion everywhere you go and find a deep insight into yourself.

Self-love is essential, and here at Root 2 Mindfulness, our focus will be on settling your mind, body and soul into a relaxed, controlled state providing yourself with acceptance and appreciation for each moment and your future.

We have courses and training for a happier, Mindful you!

I love when things are transparent, free and clear of all inhibition and judgement. – Pharrell Williams

Root2Mindfulness is the Emotional Education Your Whole Family Needs!

Was $997.00

Get It Now For Only $499.00!!!

*Access to program delivered by email


Possessing a collective knowledge of Mindfulness will bring every single member of your family unit closer. 

It will help you: 

  •  Build stronger relationships 
  • ​Communicate more clearly effectively 
  •  Row and argue less
  • ​Work through problems openly and calmly
  •  Interact with compassion and kindness
  • ​Share experiences of freedom and self-discovery 
  •  And so much more… 

Whether you’re a fractured family in need of some serious help….

A family who simply want to work through their emotions together….

Or a family who want to learn a new skill… 

Root2Mindfulness is the perfect excuse to spend quality time with one another in a fun, beneficial way.  

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A World of Fun, Games and Laughter Awaits!

Was $997.00

Get Started Today For Only $499.00!

*Access to program delivered by email

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