Give Your Kids The Gift of Calmness

5 Meditation Sessions

For Just $19.00!

*Access to sessions delivered by email

Mindfulness techniques will bring your child awareness of self and of life, while being free from judgement. At Root2Mindfulness we believe that having an understanding of who we are and gaining insight into our inner selves will enhance our life’s experiences significantly.

Experience enriches the soul!

Children are the future. They need to be surrounded by love, compassion and kindness, to help build an amazing mindset and life for themselves. Especially in this technological age!

Here at Root2Mindfulness we truly want to help bring kids their own light, their own gift, to the surface. We believe this is the way to do it! By bringing creativity, imagination, magic and self-love, acceptance and understanding into their daily lives.

Our aim is to give Mindfulness a Makeover!! Build Stronger, More Fulfilling & Rewarding Relationships With Your Family & Yourself Through Mastering Mindfulness TOGETHER. 

These sessions will help your child open up into the Meditation and Mindfulness world, encompassing some powerful techniques to help handle and understand difficult situations, sadness, fear and doubt. Using these practices will help your child become aware of their emotions and give them tools to apply whenever they start to feel like their balance has been lost. With continual practice, these techniques will remain in your child’s life forever.

In this guided meditation on the breath, we dig deep into feeling into the belly, understanding how important the breath is to us and what that means. Discovering how our body works by using the breath to calm, relax, to stay still and peaceful within your day. A journey into the breath and into our inner spirit.

A lesson in Being Thankful for Pre Schoolers. Enjoy opening up, relaxing, and being Mindful about your thoughts, emotions, feelings and the language we say to ourselves every day. Getting in touch with your breathing, your body and learning how to change your mindset for the better.

In this Mindfulness Session, you will be taught to let go of any sadness and worry by using a practice that will allow you to watch the pain float away. It’s teaching you how to let go of your pain and not to keep it locked away within your body, your heart and your mind. It’s important to know these sad feelings are ok, but that we don’t want them to stay there within us, we want to be ok to let it all go. This is a fun practice to help engage the imagination and also find out what could be troubling your children.

Welcome to the fourth session – Affirmation time. This is a powerful Meditation and lesson for changing the language we say to ourselves. Begin to plant seeds of self-love, self-acceptance and compassion. We all need to show ourselves love and light and this is one of the best ways for us to feel empowered and good about who we are. It provides us with confidence and the ability to make the best choices for ourselves.

For BEDTIME/ NIGHT TIME/OR REST TIME. A great way to relax their tiny minds and take them into an incredible walk in the Magic Forest. With lots of colour, love, spirit and freedom as they begin to open their minds to creativity and imagination.

Bring Out Their Inner Angel! 😉

All 5 Meditation Sessions

For Just $19.00!

*Access to sessions delivered by email

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