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Join many others on this family or Now Individual adventure to Mindful living. Creating a more loving, kind and exciting life of your dreams. Journeying through many modules that will change your perception on yourselves, society and the world for the better. All created to serve you and your family in maintaining Mindful Knowledge, Compassion and Complete Acceptance.

What You’ll Learn

For Parents:

We believe at Root2Mindfulness that happy people make the best parents

You have to be happy with who you are, and where you’re going to provide a positive parenting pillar throughout your child’s entire existence. 

We want to help you respond to stressful, and testing situations through Mindfulness in a way that DOESN’T end in self-loathing, regret, or a fractured family. 

Not only will this help you parent more positively, and effectively

Mastering Mindfulness will help you: 

  • ​Be more in tune with yourself 
  •  Gain patience
  • ​Show awareness
  •  Learn how to relax
  • ​Promote fulfilment 

ALL qualities that will enrich every area of your life. 

If you’ve been struggling to connect with your children or be the role model you always wanted to be…

This is for you! 

For Kids (Of Every Age!)

Mastering Mindfulness at a young age will set up your children for life. 

It will help them evaluate what’s essential in any given moment, and what’s holding them back. 

They will understand their emotions, and be able to acknowledge that any suffering or stress is brief, never permanent and forever changing. 

Imagine, if you had that level of perspective as a child? 

Life would have been a whole lot easier and more fulfilling…

You’d have made fewer mistakes, been a better person, and opened up a whole bunch of exciting different doors for yourself. 

You now have the opportunity to provide that for your own children! 

It might well be the best gift you ever give. 

If your children have been struggling with the pressures of the modern world – whatever their age – our program can be the key to setting them free. 

If they’ve been acting up or lashing out, our program is the perfect way to not just help them process their emotions…

But bond you together as an unbreakable unit. 

For The Entire Family Circle:

Possessing a collective knowledge of Mindfulness will bring every single member of your family unit closer. 

It will help you: 

  •  Build stronger relationships 
  • ​Communicate more clearly effectively 
  •  Row and argue less
  • ​Work through problems openly and calmly
  •  Interact with compassion and kindness
  • ​Share experiences of freedom and self-discovery 
  •  And so much more… 

Whether you’re a fractured family in need of some serious help….

A family who simply want to work through their emotions together….

Or a family who want to learn a new skill… 

Root2Mindfulness is the perfect excuse to spend quality time with one another in a fun, beneficial way.  

As an individual:

for an individual:

  • The best way to become more grateful with who you are and what you have
  • How to spread peace and fulfilment to your mind (as explained deeply in Module 1)
  • ​One lesson to empower your imagination and take you on a journey of self-discovery
  •  The ins and outs of walking through the door to your mind, (and find many opportunities for success, love, happiness and vitality)
  •   A whole module on how to grow within yourself, as a stronger individual.
  •  The reason why you should be working side with your mind, body and soul and granting peace to enter your thoughts and sensations.
  • ​One powerful way to return you to your innate animal, surrounding yourself with positive, constructive energy and in an environment of creation.
  •  Gain a deeper understanding of self (using the little know principle explained in Module 4).
  • ​Build a healthier state of mind and a thriving flow state.
  •  Life-changing tactics of challenges that will help you find a vulnerability within your routine (AND let you evaluate in ways to adapt to become more present for you and your family)


Video Vault:

Access to a FULL video library to give you even more information on the topics surrounding Mindfulness and the whole family the necessary foundations into becoming Mindful in the most pragmatic and spiritual ways. We understand the divide of western and eastern civilisation, that’s why we mix both practical and Spiritual traditions and ways of living into our program.

“Start Living A More Mindfu Life Todayl”

“Why Not Join Root 2 Mindfulness And Truly Understand The Power Of Mindfulness For You & Your Family”

“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So Relax”

- Bryant McGill

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