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Root 2 Mindfulness Services

The Root 2 Mindfulness program will help both yourself and your family navigate the world in a more fulfilling, happier, and productive way. 

It’ll create an unbreakable bond within all of your relationships that will last a lifetime.
After you finish with our program, each and every member of your family will have undergone an entire emotional education.
You’ll be able to communicate more effectively, be more comfortable in each other’s company, and work through life’s ups and downs TOGETHER.
How much is that worth to you?
Most would say that level of unity, and love is priceless, valuable, or more than money can buy…
But, we’re so passionate about helping to create an unbreakable bond between you, and your kids we want you to try out our program for just $1!

About Tiffys

I am a naturally holistic, highly spiritual, star seed creating , Goddess to a God woman. I feel it is my calling to provide our vessels with products that not only nourish our skin but replenish our souls.

“Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.”

- Roy T. Bennett

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