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78% of People we looking to the NHS about Adult Mental Health Services in 2019 only.

2019 Mental Health Facts. We’re Here To Help

Overall 1,331,375 people were reaching out to NHS Services about mental health issues, learning disabilities and autism services on 31 January 2019.
Of these:

• 1,039,161 adults were in contact with the mental health services

• 229,217 children and teenagers were in contact with children and young people’s mental health services

• 107,480 people were in contact regarding learning disability and autism mental health services

What is Mental Health?

Here at Root 2 Mindfulness, we are investigating into Turning Mental Health Around.

Here’s a sneak peek just for you.



Mental health is an awareness that you have discovered inside yourself that you aren’t happy with your life. It’s not what’s ‘wrong’ with you that the society is making you feel, it’s the fact that your confined limitations that have been put in place are not working for you anymore.

We need to get to the source of the problem and stop masking the issues as labels of illness!

Maybe not everyone can be assessed the same way and perhaps not everyone should be in the same class as mental health labels, there are so many different types of mental health problems/illnesses that need to be addressed in different ways but before it gets worse, don’t you think its best to start working out the main issues before it spirals out of control?

We need to distinguish that as long as we see mental health as a negative, then we are all going to stay in this depression……

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Including presentation style, book format and audio. 


“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So Relax”

- Bryant McGill

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